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曲:González, Medrano, Puentes ( dayata, om, gadei gadei, bara gadei, bara sang gadei, budi suoha 达雅塔,嗡,揭谛揭谛,波罗揭谛,波罗僧揭谛,菩提萨婆诃 ) It's time for peace on Earth I dreamed of rain on my hands I walk my way...

Ian Van Dahl – I Wanna Fly So High Look at me It really was not easy But I can breathe And I’m so grateful cuz I can see I am free To do exactly what I please So come with me To a place where we can be Ooooooo Chorus: Oooo, Ooo...

是不是《cannonball》Lea MIchele的歌

阿特的奇幻之旅 导演: 肖希 制片国家/地区: 中国大陆 语言: 普通话/国语 首播: 2010-07-01 集数: 26 又名: Art's Magic Journey 片尾曲-《飞翔》 作词:李娜 作曲:王福 编曲:木菲扬音乐 演唱:李娜 从东到西 绕地球一圈 多远 从南到北 想欣赏...

Say goodbye Dj Sava Feat. Connect-R Listen pan di area Dry those pretty eyes baby You will find a gentle love one day Don`t give a damn about what they say This world is a lie, I feel it everyday day If truth is a lie, I can`t ...

我想飞,但我没有翅膀 【楼主参考下~希望对你有帮助~】


叫wing$ 演唱者是macklemore & ryan lewis,望采纳

Diana Ross的 《when you tell me that you love me 》你看看



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